Gabrielle Christie


Hello my name is Gabrielle Christie and I’m currently enrolled as an undergrad at the University of Mary Washington. I am majoring in Communications & Digital Studies and minoring in Business Administration currently in my Junior year. Over the course of the three years of being at this school I have been able to use this site for multiple courses and through this site you will be able to see all of my work/progress and how I have made this a place for me to have an outlet for all of my hard work. When I began at this school, I began to figure out my interests as I took an Introduction to Rhetoric and Communications class and that one class gave me the drive and inspiration to have that become my major. As I got into the major I discovered the Digital Studies aspect and how it will advance me into my future endeavors. I discovered how to use Python in the basics of Computer Science 101, I learned how to create a website from scratch using basic HTML, and have a better understanding of how to make your own digital imprint on the World Wide Web. I have come to have an appreciation of what steps need to be taken in order to give an outlet of endless information to billions of people. All of these skills has lead me to this website. I am hoping that by going through this site you will discover all parts of my journey through college. As I continue after I graduate I will use this site to display future projects and allow one to be part of the process of what I want to one day say is my path to my success. So I hope you enjoy and might be enlightened and informed on something you may have never heard of or thought of before.