Rationale: Even though we are week past halloween it has come to my attention that I am not ready to give it up just yet. Hocus Pocus which is a halloween classic in my book has been a movie played over and over since I was a child. It is something that I look forward to every halloween because it brings me so much joy and happiness. So as my friends and I in the class were talking about this project we wanted to incorporate this film while showing how learning code this semester can be fun and entertaining in film culture. The way I’m going to do this is I’m going to be creating a twitter bot using python code and using sayings that the character Mary Sanderson of the Sanderson sisters. Bridget and Janelle are doing the same thing but with the other sisters to make it seem more interactive. The audience is all ages who enjoys the film and will see this as a way of bringing the characters to life. This is a way to be creative in the way that the twitter bot interacts with the other characters and the way it is displayed on twitter.

Risks and Rewards: In completing this project the results not be the way that I want them to be. An example of this is that when creating the twitter bot my goal is to get the quotes from the film to come out without the words getting disoriented which can possibly happen with my code. I also know there can be a risk if the code gives me errors and I won’t be able to figure out how to fix it. The other problem that might go wrong is that I might have an issue with figuring out what the syntax error might be in the code. I have taken a computer course and this is something I have dealt with in the past and it has been a challenge for me. The rewards from this project is that this will create a dialogue between me and the two other students will make this project so rewarding. This will also bring up memories that I hope will be joyous. I also will feel rewarded by making my first twitter bot and knowing that I can create more in the future.


Resources: In order for this to work I have been looking up sites that have different types of twitter bot makers. I have been trying to use the one that Professor Whalen has created using Google Sheets so with his permission I am going to see if this is going to be a tool I can use. I am also going to need to use the Jupyter Notebook in order to keep all of my progress of my work together and make sure it saves all of my code. I will also am going to need to use GitHub because this has different types of codes that have used to create twitter bots and it could give me an idea of what pieces of code I will need in order to get my twitter bot to do what I want to do which is tweet, favorite, and retweet (hopefully). I have also been looking into youtube videos that have been showing how many options there are in the methods of creating a twitter bot. I will need to work on this about two hours a day to make effective process without feeling overwhelmed. This is because when trying to create something like this you want to make it enjoyable and not stressful and in regards to code there is a fine line between the two.

Schedule: screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-55-43-am

November 10: Create Twitter Account

November 15: Start Transcript on the Film – This means going through the film and finding quotes I want to use for the tweets.

November 17: Begin working on creating the code for the twitter bot- this will mean that I will find a source or site that will assist me in creating the twitter bot and for the code to be completed.

November 22: Work on syntax errors within the code- this will be used to correct any of the problems or kinks that I find within the code.

November 29: Test out the twitter bot-Once all of the errors are fixed does the twitter bot work out properly?

December 1: Try to see if the twitter bot interacts with one another-This will include Bridget and Janelle because they have the other two main characters and I want to see if their bots are functioning as well.

December 6: Present the Results for the Class- I will present my process and how I got to final project and evaluate it as a whole.

Assessment: I will know that the project is successful when the twitter bot completes all of the functions that I have given to it. This will include tweeting out the quotes that have been given, being able to retweet the other characters and favorite their tweets. I think that you should grade it based on my code and how far I get in trying to make the twitter bot to actually work with little to no syntax errors.

Executive Summary:  I have gave myself the task of creating a twitter bot based on one of my favorite movie characters. The goal is to combine coding with simplistic entertainment and something that can be encouraging children that they can do something like this also with something that they might enjoy. I know that there are multiple ways to create but with python I’m hopefully applying what we did during this semester to a project.