The Big Project Update

Over the course of this project I ran into an issue with the final product not based on the method but based on the character of choice that I used for the project. Originally I was doing a twitter bot based on the character Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson of the Sanderson sisters. When going through the film I came to the realization that when using the twitter bot she didn’t have enough quotes in the film in order to have randomization. I decided instead to use book titles based off of the novelist Dr. Chuck Tingle. He is a gay pornographic novelist who is my opinion known for off the wall titles that make sexual stories with unusual creatures to objects. An example of one of his novels is “Buttception: A butt within a butt within a butt.” I found this author from a BuzzFeed article that highlighted unusual book titles and he was the only one who had a link to all of his novels since they wan’t just one that they could highlight. I found this back during my sophomore year of college. It wasn’t until we read a website during this course that was about “Trump Facts.” He was by surprise the author of the website and it just reminded me about all of his unusual books and his overall persona. He has a degree in sensual massage, a black belt and his son edits his books. Overall he is an unforgettable character and it inspired me to use it for a twitter bot to create new book titles. I decided that I am going to use Cheap Bots Done Quick versus the spreadsheet because I thought it would be a good way to see the layers of the broken down titles. So in the course of the project I had to create a new twitter account and named it @tinglemysenses. I thought it was a clever way to use the authors last name and then took the image of a T-Rex as the profile picture. This is to signify his use of dinosaurs in his novels and then a galaxy background to describe his use of space and spaceships. It shows that there is no limits when it comes to his book titles. I kept the template the same and replaced the three sections, “alternatives”, “origin” and “completely different” by allowing the tittles to intertwine with the layers and creating phrases that would seem “chuck tingle worthy.” I wanted to makes sure that none of the new titles would actually be an original which is why I broke up the titles word by word. He has at least 30 books so I knew that it would have a good variety of titles created. I also started out with the twitter bot tweeting at every 10 min. just to make sure that it was running smoothly and that if there were any grammatical errors I could adjust the bot accordingly. I knew by doing this project it would be a risk in terms of the fear of it being too inappropriate but I am hoping that the entertaining factor will overshadow it and that it would bring laughter to anyone who ever finds it. I also decided that I am going to keep the bot up just to see what happens and to look at it in the future to reflect on a project I did back in my college days. I will check back in soon with my final thoughts and reflection on this project! Wish me luck!