Coding Environment


Now that is out of the way, onto my process of creating my coding environment. Before this course I had already taken computer science so most of the software essentials that I had previously downloaded are already together in one division of my launchpad. I already have brackets, sublime text, and text wrangler which are all useful and have been helpful in the past so I hoped they would assist me in this book. That was not the case. I had to re-install good old python which as I have previously stated in my blog we have a love/hate relationship hence the gif that I have decided to put in this post. There was also a recommendation to install anaconda in order to have the iPython Notebook. This is when things started to get a bit complicated for me. When I tried to first download anaconda in class it ended up just giving me random text and froze my computer. It wasn’t until I uninstalled the software and searched “iPython Notebook” instead that it said I had to have python installed first before I could do anything else. Once that was done things started to make a lot more sense. As I have realized with the rest of the class they have now named the notebook to Jupyter and I also figured out the free trial look on the internet doesn’t work at all. I ended up installing everything and played around with it trying to figure out how everything works. I then started the double double project using the jupyter and saved it there within the anaconda software. I had the project from chapter one saved in a class folder that I made in the beginning of the semester for this class using sublime text to modify the original code. I also tried to use github by creating an account and trying to figure out how to upload my code but there was no such luck. Overall my coding environment has an endless amount of software options and a whole lot of applications that still don’t make sense. Even though I have a lot of coding platforms I know that over time it will all make more sense the more I use them and have a better grasp on their purpose. I look forward to hearing everyone else’s environment and what measures they took in order to make it their own.