Final Project Reflection

Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities

Over the course of the Big Project I had to dramatically change my whole project because the theme behind the project fell through and didn’t have enough material to be sustainable as a twitter bot. In creating the bot what did went well is how the new titles formed together and were very entertaining. Using the different sections within the bot and breaking up the original titles by the author allowed growth for the project in giving a stronger variety, What went badly was that at some points there was some grammatical errors in my bot so those of course had to be adjusted, There was also the issue that at some points the titles were getting redundant so I had to make another layer after presenting the project to make sure that there wouldn’t be any repeats. There was a goal from the original project that I would be able to make my bot tweet others and be able to retweet however, with the time constraints and using cheap bots done quick I wasn’t able to do either of those things. If I had to do this project again I would do it the same exact way. The reason why is because I loved how I had no idea what title was going to come out next. I also think replying to tweets or retweeting would be irrelevant for this bot because it’s sole purpose is to entertain and show the creativity behind the author and how the titles the bot creates can honestly be used for one of the authors up and coming novels in the future.


The main resource of this project ended up being the cheap bots done quick versus the excel template. The reason why I chose this template is because I enjoyed working with it and I had a better understanding of the layout and how I could adjust it and customize it for my twitter bot. The other resource of the project was amazon for all of the titles from his novels that I had to put in and make sure that by breaking them up they made some kind of sense. I think if I had to add any additional resources to this particular project it would have to be more authors work. I would want to add in other titles from well known authors that might not be from the same genre and see how they would combine to make a new and unusual title. An example of this would be combining chuck tingle novel titles with Harry Potter series or The Hunger Games. I could only imagine what the titles would turn out but maybe for another time. If I had more time I would also want the possibility of working with another bot forum just to see what other functions could be done with the bot just to make it less generic.


At first the schedule was going alright with the original project until it came up to transcript of the novel that is when I came to a road block of the project that with not enough quotes I wasn’t allowed to have enough material for the twitter bot. So during the last week before the twitter bot was due I had to change the project completely. During that week I had to: create a new twitter account, add profile and background to the twitter account, create a unique name for the account, go through the twitter bot and add all of the broken up titles and phrases. So I had to completely revise my project schedule because it ended up being a whole new project without Janelle or Bridget so I had to do it all on my own this time. Which was fine because it all worked out.


For this particular project the goal was to get the bot running properly and making sure that whatever it ended up tweeting would actually make some kind of sense (in chucks world that is). In that aspect of the project I succeeded since my bot is working, the tweets are legible and there are no errors within the bot. I wasn’t able to get the bot to retweet or like other accounts because I disabled the function on the bot. Because the bot is some what inappropriate I was fearful of what people might ask and how it would reply since all it is are broken up gay pornographic book titles. I didn’t see the use or the purpose of it so I kept it like that. I feel successful with this project because the titles were entertaining and the bot is functioning. I enjoyed how it turned out because the titles are hilarious. Most importantly the bot works and it is still running now so it was a great turnout.

Executive Summary

The goal of this project was to have a functioning twitter bot and one that was entertaining for everyone. In this case it in now for a mature audience. The overall purpose I had for the project was to shed light on a holiday movie classic around halloween time and now the project ended up shedding light on a unique author with unexplainable titles that can’t be unseen. The project created new titles out of the original ones that he has and allowed me to show the class and others how his titles are so far out there that at one point many believed that he most likely used a twitter bot to create his titles in the first place. I learned that in order for the titles to not be repetitive in the cheap bot there had to be more layers of functions that intertwined to create better titles. I also learned that overall this project was something that I would want to go back and improve on some more because I liked how it created something that no one will ever forget.