Manifesto: I will conquer CODE

When I heard in class that we were going to learn some programming code the first thing that happened was my stomach turned into knots. It wasn’t because I haven’t touched any type of code in my life, in fact I took Introduction to Computer Science but for me the experience was one that wasn’t an easy battle. It was a new language for me and I felt that everyone around me was foreign and I was the only one who needed a translator. I would look over the codes and the problems over and over to the point that it all still was “mumbo jumbo.” It took me from reading from this textbook we have this semester to realize that this time around I’m going to have to go in with an open mind. I actually do want to learn programming because I feel that it is something that is a gateway to so many things that we couldn’t imagine. The idea that we can create a program that can act as a function on the internet is out of this world. I see it as an opportunity to try to think outside of what we know and what is safe and take a risk. It is a chance to let the mind wander and find a new way of looking at problems. I want to learn because I didn’t retain it well the first time around and I’m determined to improve over the course of the semester. It’s important to me to not give up when I feel like I am stuck and that this is no way of getting out of it. I want to prove to myself that if I put the effort and drive into programming I will succeed. When it gets tough I will have to remind myself that there is a way to figure it out it just might take more time and practice to get to that point. I want to make sure that this time it sticks because I want it to be a skill that I can keep growing and use sometime in the future. I also want it to just expand my logic and stubborn ways of thinking and push the envelope. I have a goal to not only be able to solve some code problems but be able to make a code that will allow me to move objects within a window. The reason why I choose that is because that was the project I had in my other class that I felt I did not achieve and feel satisfied with the outcome. I want to make it stronger and I want in the end to feel accomplished.


Over the course of the semester I have felt that this book has been more challenging than I expected. I think for me it’s because of the way that the author introduces the coding in this overarching conceptual way versus being straight forward it makes it more challenging for me. There is also the way that he started out with the double double project first versus the “hello world”. I have already taking an computer science course so for me this is coming to the world of coding at a whole different viewpoint. This is becoming a challenge for me because I’m having a tough time following his logic and this pattern. I think for me I need to work on trying to read over the chapters harder and maybe practice different ways to solving a project in the textbook.