Peripheral Image


So for this image I took parts of the novel that stood out to me and put it into an apocalyptic setting that was etched into my mind as how the end of that time period came to a stop. All was in ruin, rubble and the all the peripherals came as one to take over the people and make this their world. The red cube represents not only what Connor became at one point to be on the defense during the fight but in this image it is seen as an unusual object, out of place and the center of attention. I did this to show that this cube represented resistance against the fight. I wanted to take what I imagined what the end of the world to look like and create a visual that would have elements of Gibson’s novel within it. It came with a theme that I created that from our creativity and progression of technology could also be the beginning to our own destruction. As humans we are always trying to find ways to progress and create the next best thing. To be more efficient, more effective but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it is the simple things are the parts of life that we take for granted and we lose the sense of what we started out with in the first place. It amazes me everyday what the mind can create and that was displayed in this novel. Within this novel I got to see Flynne become part of a totally different time period and have another life that you could see she desired to be her own at one point. A sense of losing her identity was drawn within the story as it unfolded and corruption began to form. Corruption is seen today and in this foreign world that Gibson created no matter what time period it is that will never change. There is a shot of nature that is still preserved and is seen as something precious and under appreciated. It might question if technology is going to make us put nature on the back burner or create a bridge to make it become a priority. When I started this novel I would have never guessed that these thoughts and ideas about life now would ever intertwine with the story line but it proved that this fantasy world might not be that different from our own.