DGST 101

This course is known as the Introduction to Digital Studies gives a glimpse into ways the digital age has had an impact on society. During this course I used my main domain name to release the blog posts for this particular class. At the point in time I have now adjusted it so now all of the blog posts will be published into this specific page. In the class we have done multiple projects. We had modules where we were able to choose from a select group of topics and discover as much as we could and bring it together in a collective presentation. We had a project on Digital Archeology where we were divided up into groups and had to take an electronic device apart and find out where the individual pieces originated from. The final product was a map of where all the pieces came from and how it all connected into one final device. Below are links to the blog posts with the process and what I discovered. Lastly we created a site from scratch using HTML and created an essay that used tools to analyze literature/film/music of our choice.

Module 1

Module 2

Mapping your Device

Module 3

Catcher in the Rye Analysis