Final Module Reflection

Cutting down the barriers. This video is my final product. I used iMovie and I started out with this journalism project trying to talk about the past journalists and how far they have come in journalism. The more that I researched the more my objective shifted completely. I focused more on the shocking factors that come in the career of journalism. I first started out by looking up images of journalists in dangerous places. I then went onto YouTube and found clips of live journalism to add to my video to make it more diverse just having pictures. I used 4K downloader software for both the video and audio content of this video. I decided to add an instrumental version of My Hero by Foo Fighters. I chose this song for a couple of reasons. I first thought it was an empowering song that representing journalists who are heroes for many who are going through rough times and they reveal the story to the world. I also chose the song because I thought that it went really well with the content that I decided to use for this video. I wanted to tie everything together and make sure that there wasn’t any awkward background noise with only my voice in the video. I started out by going through the images and putting them in a file and then uploading them all in iMovie. I went through each one and made sure that the timing of them was right and that the images weren’t cropped unusual. I then downloaded a video from YouTube of live journalistic content by Tim Pool a journalist who has shown what risks need to be taken in order for the world to see what he sees. I then went through the video and took three clips that I felt showed examples of journalism. It showed protests, people behind the desk and riots that represented all sides of journalism that are revealed from behind the lens. I then took out the audio from the video clips to make sure that it didn’t go over the audio that was coming from the song and from myself. I put my personal voice of opinion within the video itself using my microphone on my Beats headphones. I then adjusted the sound and made sure that it was heard over the song. Lastly I published it on my personal YouTube page that I use for projects from previous classes.

The more I worked on my video the more passionate I felt about these journalists. In my mind they felt like the unsung heroes that no one will ever know. I felt an obligation to talk about how much goes into the news and that in this time no one really thinks anything of it. Everything has gone digital so all it takes is for a person to pick up their phone, open an app, and scroll quickly through the news. No one thinks about the person who is running into harms way, getting arrested for trying to tell the truth, and keeping silent until their death to keep the story safe. I think was really motivated me in this module was the fact that this was my original dream job. When you are kid you have a bunch of things that you want to be when you grow up. I had the dream to be a journalist and tell everyone the news. I would go to the Newseum with my parents that is up in Washington D.C. and would stay there for hours looking over countless newspapers with so many stories to tell and it was just so moving to me. Then I would look at the photojournalists who would capture the lives of the weak and the voiceless. It was that kind of power that came from a story and image that really pushed me in this module. It reminded me that there is so much that we learn from the news and that I take it for granted. I learned from this module that there are a ton of programs and sites that are there just to protect journalists. I learned that the number of deaths is way more than I ever wanted to see. I learn that this is the risk that they knew had to be taken. It is all for the truth to be heard and to let there be no more silence.