Journalism Module Progress

This is the last module of the semester. This has been an eventful semester and I can’t wait to share the final product of this project. I decided to join the Journalism Module. The reason I chose this module is because when I was younger my dream was to become a journalist. I loved to write and I was obsessed with newspapers. I loved just reading the news and learning about what was going on all over the world. As you can tell now that wasn’t the path that I ended up on but I still believe that journalism and journalists are the unsung heroes in the media world. I decided that I wanted to do my module on breaking the barriers of journalism and research what risks were taken when it came down to getting a story. I started out by looking up journalism. I wanted to see if there were websites that were for journalists like a hub that they would just gather together and talk about their experiences. I discovered something different. I found a ton of protection programs. When coming upon this discovery it didn’t fascinate me, it actually made me very nervous. I was concerned that in order for these websites to be so popular and on the top of the list of results when it comes to google than it must be a prevalent issue. I then began to research more into these protection programs and started to find a bunch of statistics. Now at first glance it just seems that there were a bunch of numbers thrown at me all spread across a world map. It wasn’t until I started to read further into the numbers that it wasn’t just a number it was a human life. It was a life that was lost during their line of duty as a journalist. There was a total of 71 deaths that had a motive behind their deaths. That meant that each of those deaths were intentional. It was a disturbing fact to find and it just drove me over the edge. I came into this module with a passion to find out more about journalism and how much it has changed over time. In some ways it has with the way technology gives them better access for people to get right into the heart of the action. It also showed me how dangerous it is to just get down to the truth and for men and women to take a risk to voice the unvoiced. I decided to make a video as my final product of this project. I am going to find images, clips from videos, add personal audio of my voice and have a song in the background to just shine a light on journalism for how unappreciated it is right now. This is what i have so far and I can’t wait to give you guys the final product.