Module 2: Selfies

I have decided for my next module I was going to work within the selfie module. I didn’t know how I was going to approach this module. I wanted to figure out the history of a selfie and if there are some that are actually recorded in history visual wise. I also was trying to figure out who was in my group and what approach they were going to have coming into the module. I unfortunately wasn’t able to be at school last week so I didn’t really have time to work on the module with my peers. When I was away and I started to look more into selfies I realized how much it has become a popular thing to do. Wherever you go you just take a selfie as a way to remember it. I also was curious to how far back does the selfie go? When did the term come to life? Was there a different term used back in the day that has now be reinvented? I think that with these questions in mind I want to approach this module at how it became so popular and what made it such a hit. Then once I get back with my group try to figure out what they wanted to get out of this module and maybe work out something and connect all of our ideas together.