Digital Identity Analysis

As I have gone through this semester there has been some changes to my digital identity. I still use Facebook as a way to reach out to family and friends but in this semester it was a way to vent my emotions through the issues that I went through. I used to just scroll through Facebook mindlessly and like posts here and there but now I actually pay attention and try to discover more. I want to know what is going on out in the world and even though some might see Facebook as a site that doesn’t give substantial information it actually does. It keeps me up to date on political issues because I have friends who post it daily. I see if there is a major news break because at the side of Facebook it does show what is trending which gives me a general idea of what is catching the attention of millions of people. Even though I have not only a twitter but YouTube, SoundCloud, Tumblr and Pinterest I realized that I don’t really use any of those. I sometimes go on them if I need it for projects for school but nothing that really ties myself to it personally. They all have my name and my picture but I haven’t put enough information on them about myself to make it a part of my “digital identity.” The only change after the course of this semester was the fact that we had to create our domain to be one that could be used for the future. From doing that project I feel that it became a new outlet professionally that I could keep updating in the future if I decide to buy my domain from the school. On my personal site not only was I able to use my name I talked about my progress in college and display all of my projects that I have done over my college career. If I could say anything from this semester it is that having a digital identity needs to be a necessity because it will give potential jobs a chance to see you and what you can do for them in the future.