Writing Portfolio

I have taken multiple courses that have given me the opportunity to display my writing abilities and expand my knowledge. Through this page you will be able to see different works that I have done over the course of the 3 years. These 5 pieces all come from different courses.

The Lost Manuscripts of Christianity

Throughout this course as a class we were introduced to multiple fragments from theoretical texts that were believed to be lost manuscripts of the Bible. As the last part of the course each member of the class was required to do extensive research on a particular manuscript and relay our findings in a 10 page research paper.

The Gospel of Philip

Global Issues in Literature

This piece discusses Racialism and how it is relevant to multiple novels that were read during the course of the semester. The allowed connections from all the material having an overarching theme that I personally found relatable within all of the novels we had read.

The Black Ink Jumps off the Page

Introduction to Rhetoric & Communication

This assignment known as Imitatio, was taking a piece of music/speech/literature/image that had meaning and seeing if there was a way to improve upon it while having justifications for the changes that were made. I chose to use Blackbird by The Beatles as my piece to make adjustments on. After the piece was written I had to create a speech present the final product along with performing the song acapella.

Blackbird Imitatio


Over the course of this class we learned how to create our own play. We had different exercised and plays to interpret to have a better grasp on mastering the art of creating a cohesive story. I wrote a 15 page play on a story of two college friends who went down different paths and meet in unlikely circumstances. The story follows how it only takes one encounter to disrupt the life you have had.


Principles of Management

The task of this paper was to find a topic that interested to us while making sure it connected to our Management course. I decided to focus on Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Training in the workplace and how it effects the business culture. I had to also do a five min. presentation with my management team presenting my findings from this topic.

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Training